The Missing UI Debugger

Download Library & Viewer (alpha)

What do I get?


Ever add categories on UIView that walk the view hierachy and print the name of each class in the hierarchy? I have. Too many times. Hierarchy Detective is just a prettier version of the same.


Wonder what the associated view controller of a UIView is? Or the delegate of a CALayer? Or just tried to find all instances of FooView? Search is built right in. You can even extend it.


Easily extend the client to show hierarchies other than UIKit and Quartz. The Cocos2D viewer does just that. Check out the open source client project for an example.

How it works

Introspect Live View Hierarchies

No extra headers. Just drag the library into your XCode project and you are ready to go. Launch the application on the simulator or device and select the hierarchy (UIKit, Quartz and Cocos2D 1.x and 2 for now) you want to introspect.